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Tampa City Counsel Votes to Close Loophole in Sidewalk Construction

Neighborhood sidewalk
Neighborhood sidewalk

Last week, the Tampa City Counsel voted to close a loophole in the city code that allowed developers to avoid paying into the sidewalk trust fund if they did not place sidewalks in new or renovation-based construction.

In 2020, this loophole cost Tampa 1.2 million dollars alone, but more importantly, the loophole contributed to a lack of sidewalks, making it increasingly dangerous for pedestrians.

During the last 2 years, Tampa has been one of the most popular destinations for families looking to relocate during COVID; however, the city has continued to be marred by its poor reputation and record for pedestrian and cyclist safety.

This move by City Counsel shows some teeth and willingness to fight for a safer Tampa, which has never been a priority for developers, who often are not even from the area.

While this development is very important, it is not the ultimate goal. Achieving Vision Zero's goals will require a sustained commitment to advocating for pedestrian and cyclist safety. BIG shoutout to Walk Bike Tampa for their continued advocacy in this arena. Let's keep pushing forward!

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