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Palma Ceia Neighborhood Commercial District Plan - Strategies & Solutions Meeting

Hello all. Good news as safe streets and sidewalks continue to be a front-and-center issue for City of Tampa politicians and administrators. One project that is taking place is the Palma Ceia Commercial District Improvement Plan. On May 4, 2021, at 6 P.M. there will be a meeting regarding the plans. (Here is the link for the meeting: )

The City of Tampa will be holding a strategies and solutions meeting detailing the preliminary recommendations for the Palma Ceia Neighborhood Commercial District Plan. I am excited that the City of Tampa recognized how bad the sidewalk situation on Bay to Bay had become; however, this excitement does not come without some criticism (of course, right?).

To date, my main criticism of the proposals is that the improvement plan does not include going south of Bay to Bay to include the commercial area a few blocks south. Below is map of the improvement area (also, here is the link to the City of Tampa's website for the improvement plan: )

Ideally, the improvement plan would look like a sideways "T," stretching down South of Bay to Bay. Currently, the sidewalks, and the ability to cross South MacDill are terrible. On the West side of MacDill, there are many of Tampa's top restaurants and shops, which a large number of neighborhood locals.

The Bayshore area is seeing an explosion in high-density residential projects and condominiums. The residents in this area often walk to the restaurants and have to cross MacDill at their own peril. Also, keep in mind that the Related Group is building two additional condominium towers with 168 units. This new condominium will increase the pedestrian traffic that has to cross MacDill and put additional individuals at risk of being hit by one of the many cars that speed down this "residential" street.

The request to have this area South of Bay to Bay included has been suggested in prior Zoom meetings that allowed public comment; however, it appears to have fallen on deaf ears. It is important to attend the May 4th meeting to let the planners know that this area should be included in any improvement plan.


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